Support Dr. Vivien Chen & the ANZAC Research Institute’s life-saving research on Covid vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (TTS)

We congratulate our own Dr. Vivien Chen – Laboratory Leader for the ANZAC Research Institute’s Platelet, Thrombosis and Cancer Research Laboratory, Associate Professor at the University of Sydney and Specialist at Concord Hospital – for the life-saving work she has done to quickly establish diagnostic and treatment protocols for Covid vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (TTS). Swift voluntary action has led to amazing results and hundreds of Australian lives saved.

Dr. Chen pivoted her research to develop one of the diagnostic tests for TTS/VITT which was ready for use as the first suspected patients presented. Her ongoing research into improved diagnostics and novel therapeutics for TTS aim to deliver improved outcomes in TTS and other related clotting disorders. We would love your support for Dr. Chen’s work in managing the effects of thrombosis resulting from Covid vaccines and other imperative research projects.

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More information about Dr. Chen’s work:

Platelets, Thrombosis and Cancer

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Dr. Chen’s work has helped even more people be vaccinated for COVID-19. All vaccines help prevent serious illness from COVID-19; and in particular they help prevent hospitalisation and death. Vaccination assists in protecting both individuals and also the wider community by reducing the spread of COVID-19.