Neurobiology Group Research Team Up With Raijin

High Performance Computing

Neurobiology group research team up with Raijin to study Inherited peripheral neuropathies.

High Performance Computing (HPC) are banks of specialist computers with large amounts of cores, memory, interconnects and fast storage. Raijin, named after the Shinto God of thunder, lightning and storms, is a hybrid Fujitsu Primergy and Lenovo NeXtScale high-performance, distributed-memory cluster, located at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) facility in Canberra. Raijin@NCI is from funding from the Australian Government, through its Super Science Initiative (under the EIF Climate HPC Centre Funding Agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Australian National University), as well as through the 2015-16 Agility Fund of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy. Grants are administered through Intersect.

The Neurobiology group at the ANZAC have recently been awarded a grant for to utilise resources at Raijin@NCI for research into Inherited peripheral neuropathies (IPNs). The aim of their research is to identify dysregulated genes in families that suffer from this genetic condition to improve diagnosis and treatment.