ANZAC Day – A Day of Remembrance

Anzac Day 2020

Commemorating ANZAC Day The word ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The soldiers who fought together became known as Anzacs, exemplifying a tradition of service, selflessness and mateship. April 25th was officially designated ANZAC Day in 1916 by Australia and New Zealand. It is a national holiday in both countries and a…

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New Discovery Newsletter Available – August 2019

ANZAC Research Institute Discovery Newsletter August 2019

See our latest ANZAC Research Institute Discovery Newsletter – August 2019. Some of the main news items: Discover why some Australians are more likely to have cardiovascular disease Sydney hosts International Asian Oceanic CMT Conference Young Investigator Award for Andrology Research into Male Fertility A Rewarding Partnership – NSW Ministery of Health Grant Sacrifice Was…

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New Discovery Newsletter available

ANZAC Research Institute Discovery Newsletter March 2019

Learn how research at the ANZAC is putting the breaks on breast cancer, how a generous bequest has provided new equipment in the fight against disease and how blood research could mean better outcomes for Cardiovascular patients. All in the latest ANZAC Research Institute Discovery Newsletter:

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Neurobiology Group Research Team Up With Raijin

High Performance Computing

Neurobiology group research team up with Raijin to study Inherited peripheral neuropathies. High Performance Computing (HPC) are banks of specialist computers with large amounts of cores, memory, interconnects and fast storage. Raijin, named after the Shinto God of thunder, lightning and storms, is a hybrid Fujitsu Primergy and Lenovo NeXtScale high-performance, distributed-memory cluster, located at…

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ANZAC Research Institute holds 17th Annual Symposium

ANZAC Research Institute 17th Annual Symposium

On the 18th of October, the ANZAC Research Institute held its 17th Annual Symposium on “Lessons from the Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project (CHAMP)”. The keynote speakers were Professor Bob Cumming who presented an overview of the history and results of the project, then followed by: Vasi Naganathan presenting on “Geriatric Syndromes in…

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Amazing advances in microscope facility

advances in microscope facility - Dr Vivien Chen

A research equipment grant of $365,000 from the Cancer Institute of NSW has enabled the ANZAC Research Institute to purchase an incredibly powerful microscope which allows scientists to examine cells within living animals. A research equipment grant of $365,000 from the Cancer Institute of NSW has enabled the ANZAC Research Institute to purchase a remarkably…

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Remembering Professor Derek Hart

Professor Derek Hart

Professor Derek Hart was a passionate, driven and inspired clinician scientist who had a consuming motivation to improve medical care through a life committed to medical research. Through a career full of achievements he made many important discoveries that together built his grand vision for immune therapies based on dendritic cells as novel therapeutics for…

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Targetting genes with the potential to cause breast cancer

Dr Andrew Burgess Microscopy and Cytometry Manager

Dr Andrew Burgess, an experienced cell biologist who is the Institute’s new Microscopy and Cytometry Manager, has been awarded a grant of $398,049 over three years by the National Breast Cancer Foundation to further his research into the genetic background of breast cancers. A primary driving force behind the initiation and ongoing development of breast…

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Advances welcomed in stem cell technology

Stem cell technology

AnthonyCutrupi, a researcher completing his PhD at the ANZAC Research Institute, has returned from six months at the University of Miami, bringing back to theConcord campus specialised skills in growing and maintaining live nerve cells. The technique will be especially valuable for the Neurobiology team investigating Charcot Marie-Tooth and associated diseases. During his stay in…

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