About ANZAC Research Institute



Scanning electron micrograph of a lymphocyte (in blue) within a liver capillary (liver sinusoid). (Dr A Warren)

To provide Leadership and excellence in health and medical research activities throughout Australia, with a focus on aging, to improve the future health and medical care for the Australasian community.  In so doing, the Institute will provide a lasting legacy to the veterans and their families who have created the society we have today.


  • To establish and operate a state-of-the-art biomedical research institute on the campus of Concord Hospital that is affiliated with the University of Sydney.
  • To encourage, collaborate in and undertake basic, clinical and epidemiological research, with a particular focus on ageing, that aims to improve health and medical care and is dedicated to the memory of our war veterans and their families.
  • To gain and optimise support from the wider community in order to facilitate our vision.
  • To provide leadership and excellence in biomedical research in national and international arenas.
  • To foster education and training in relevant research and health disciplines.

Institutional objectives and research directions

The research direction of the ANZAC Research Institute is based on the objectives of the ANZAC Health and Medical Research Foundation and shaped by the opportunities available through the academic and research staff of Concord Hospital. The main research theme of the ANZAC Research Institute is ageing, with the long-term goal of prolonging enjoyable, independent living for the ageing population through preventing the preventable and delaying the inevitable. As the only major independent biomedical research institute with a primary focus on ageing, the ANZAC Research Institute aims to co-ordinate the highest quality innovative research at all levels from public and population health, to clinical research, molecular physiology (animal models) as well as cell and molecular biology.