Enteric Neuroscience & Gastrointestinal Research

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Enteric Neuroscience & Gastrointestinal Research Projects

Normal bowel function

Research is being performed to better understand how normal bowel function is achieved by a complex interaction between the brain, the spinal cord and bowel and how it is controlled by complicated set of electrical and chemical signals that pass along a specialized network of nerves that are contained within the bowel itself.

Results of surgery for bowel problems

As taking small numbers of patients can lead to miscalculation of the true results of surgery, unique research is being performed for the very first time in Australia to determine exactly how many major operations are performed for bowel problems and to accurately measure the results of every single operation performed across the entire state of New South Wales (NSW).

Developing new ways of training tomorrow's surgeons

Recent advances in technology have allowed many bowel operations to be carried out using keyhole techniques. Teaching today's trainees to safely perform keyhole surgery without putting patients at risk during the process is crucial. Therefore, we are using sophisticated virtual-reality simulators, like those used to teach pilots to fly, to train surgeons and to see how effective they are.