Atherosclerosis Laboratory People

Group Heads

Prof Leonard Kritharides
Prof Wendy Jessup

Senior Scientists/Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr Maaike Kockx
Dr Mathew Traini
Dr Donna Lee Dinnes-Marcal
Dr Abouzar Moshfegh

Staff and Students

Ms Diana Nawara
Mr Christoffer Kjellman
Mr Erik Johansson
Ms Raani Kumaran

Picture showing both Vascular Biology and Atherosclerosis Laboratory.
Dr Matthew Traini, Dr Terry Nuygen, Maria Wilkins, Kevin Leow, Diana Nawara, Christoffer Kjellman, Prof Leonard Kritharides, Donna Dinnes-Marcal, Erik Johansson, Prof Wendy Jessup, Dr Gabrielle Pennings, Dr Andy Yong, Dr Maaike Kockx, Dr Caroline Reddel, Dr Vincent Chow.