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The ANZAC Research Institute is holding it's 15th Annual Symposium
20/10/2016 - Concord, NSW
On Friday 21th October 2015, the ANZAC Research Institute will hold its 15th Annual Symposium. The subject for the symposium is "Frontiers of the Future - Mental Health and Ageing Therapeutics". Read More >>

New ANZAC Research Institute 'Discovery' Newsletter Available
31/7/2016 - Concord, NSW
Find out about the ANZAC Research Institute's Dendritic Cell Research team and their progress towards creating a vaccine to combat particular types of cancer. Plus other exciting news on new board members and new awards that ANZAC researchers and students have recently received. Read More >>

ANZAC Day 2016. Commemorating over a century of service.
24/4/2016 - Concord, NSW
The word ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The soldiers who fought together became known as Anzacs, exemplifying a tradition of service, selflessness and mateship. ANZAC Day 2016 marks 101 years since Australia’s involvement in the First World War. The health and medical ANZAC Research Institute was named after and in remembrance of this tradition. This ANZAC Day we commemorate and learn from the sacrifice of so many Anzacs who gave so much. Read More >>

ANZAC Research Institute 14th Annual Symposium
2/8/2015 - Concord, NSW
On Friday 28th August 2015, the institute will be holding it's 14th Annual Symposium on Neuromics, Genomics and Neurology: Approaches to Translation. The Keynote Speaker will be Professor Mary Reilly from the University College London. Read More >>