Chairman's Report

ANZAC Chairmans ReportThe ANZAC Medical Research Institute is very focused on delivering relevant and first class research in the ten key areas we support under the ANZAC umbrella. The Boards primary responsibility is to support our scientists and ensure they are well equipped in their endeavours.

One of the exciting developments this year has been the building of a new state of the art Transitional Research Facility (TRF) to house our research animals and provide the best means of advancing our knowledge using these means.

Working in partnership and sharing of resources key to institutes such as ours. The Sydney Local Health district was central to the final stages of this TRF development which started some years ago with a grant from the Federal Government under Kevin Rudd that included our neighbours the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute. With the support of Teresa Anderson the Chief Executive, a firm supporter of medical research, the project was finally completed. Great news for the future of Concord Hospital and ANZAC Research is the announcement from the NSW Government of some $341million for stage 1 of the redevelopment of the Hospital, including space for ANZAC in the new buildings.

One advantage we have is our close proximity to everyday medicine through the Hospital and the ability to address clinical problems. Many of our researchers hold hospital appointments and look to translate their work directly into clinical applications. We also have primary research which often takes a long time to become relevant but is central to the development of scientific knowledge and needs understanding and support.

Fundraising to support the purchase of equipment is most important and a never ending challenge. This year we acquired a very advanced microscope capable of looking at live cells thanks to fundraising effects. Other equipment was also purchased to support research grants which never seem to cover all the costs.

Alice Kang with the support of the hospital and its public relations department was instrumental in raising over $135,000. Contributions came mainly from local groups such as Rotary and the Lions Clubs as well as dinners and the Opera Night supported by hospital staff and the local community. We have been fortunate in the support we have from the local community and their political representatives, not only in our research efforts- the Translational Research Facility for example, but also in convincing Government of the need to continue to develop Concord Hospital. The inclusion of ANZAC in the new development opens new and exciting opportunities and the means to continue our links with the Military in support of Veterans Health.